For almost any role you are recruiting for a basic level of literacy and numeracy is a pre-requisite. If you want to ensure you are employing bright, switched-on people then these tests are the ideal way to gauge your candidate's aptitude for numbers and language. The literacy, numeracy and aptitude skills tests are such a fantastic tool to understand an individual's basic knowledge levels and grasp of the English language. They are also perfect for getting a steer on attention to detail and the ability to read and understand instructions. FastPath will do the job for you, but we have also just launched our latest testing platform, ISV Online, which has more detailed reporting, comparisons and functionality. It's worth a look!

Literacy Assessments

FastPath includes a range of online assessments to measure literacy skills and understanding of language and grammar. Choose from Basic Literacy, Synonyms (multiple choice to find words with the same meaning) and a Clerical multiple choice test. The clerical multiple choice asks you to compare words or data and pick out the errors, perfect for measuring attention to detail.

Numeracy Skills Tests

To gain a clear picture of your candidate's or colleague's grasp of numbers and basic mathematical skills, try our range of online numeracy skills tests. There are various formats to choose from so pick which you think is best. Recommended test time limits vary from just 5 minute snapshot skills tests, up to full 60 minute assessments.

Basic Numeracy                          Numeric (multiple choice)
Numeric (fill in the blanks)         Numeric reasoning (quick test or full assessment)

Aptitude Assessments

If you want to use a test that combines numeracy and literacy style questions, go for the FastPath online Aptitude test. It has a recommended time limit of 15 minutes and measures literacy, numeracy and visual comparisons.


These skills tests are also perfect for benchmarking your existing teams to identify the skill level across your business or department. 


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