Contact centres, or call centres as they were previously known, typically recruit often and in volume. There can be seasonal peaks and sudden requirements to employ more agents too. So to make sure you are getting the best staff, who can contribute to your business quickly, it is highly recommended that you assess or pre-screen during recruitment. Plus you need a system that can cope with a high demand of applications. FastPath can do just that, it enables you to quickly and easily skill test your contact centre candidates. You can test in house or send tests to be completed remotely. Results are instant for you and stored centrally online in your own company database. In our library there is a range of existing contact centre specific assessments including:

Listening and Keying Exercises

A range of industry specific listening and keying contact centre skills tests. Candidates listen to audio information and capture the data on a simulated contact centre screen. Choose from different sectors: Insurance, Financial, Retail, Home Shopping and Travel. The skills tests measure speed and accuracy.

Language Assessments

Do you handle calls from European customers? Our foreign language assessments enable you to check your candidate's ability to hear information in one language and key it in, in English. Choose from French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

Soft Skill Scenario Based Assessments

How good are your prospective agents at handling complaining customers? What option are they likely to take when handling a pressurised call? The FastPath range of scenario based assessments outline situations and give the candidate a range of actions to choose from, with the answers weighted. Try our Teamwork, Call Handling and Complaining Customers Assessments.

Sales & Service Simulations

These longer assessments simulate two-way calls between customer and contact centre agent. The candidate listens in to the call and chooses the appropriate action on a simulated screen.

Phonetic Alphabet

This 8 minute skills test measures your candidate's knowledge of the phonetic alphabet. Letters can often be misheard in a contact centre environment and names might need spelling out, the phonetic alphabet is a global method of capturing correct letters. The test begins by displaying the phonetic alphabet to be revised or memorised, then audio is heard for the candidate to capture and key in the relevant information.

If you require more detailed reporting and to compare individuals across your company or system, it's worth looking at our new testing platform ISV Online. Visit the website here.

Benefits of Skills Testing

By ensuring you recruit appropriately skilled agents into your contact centre, they will make a difference to your team and business much more quickly. The benefits include:

  • Faster wrap-up time
  • Increased accuracy in capturing information
  • Better customer service
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced training time

To keep developing your agents and ensure they are really contributing to your business, have a look at the range of online contact centre and customer services training. 

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